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Greenleaf serie

Greenleaf Serie Alle 5 Staffeln von Greenleaf

Die Familie Greenleaf führt in Memphis im US-Staat Tennessee eine Megachurch namens `Greenleaf World Ministries'. Zur Anhängerschaft zählen Tausende von treuen Mitgliedern. Doch hinter der Fassade sieht es düster aus. Greenleaf ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Sie wurde vom Sender OWN ab dem Juni ausgestrahlt und ist die erste Serie des Senders, die. Das Oprah Winfrey Network zeigt ab Juni die fünfte und letzte Staffel der Megachurch-Dramaserie Greenleaf. Gemeinsam mit Lionsgate und Serienschöpfer Craig. Die Drama-Serie wirft einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der Greenleaf-Familie, wo jenseits strahlender Fassade eheliche Untreue, Gier, Geschwister-Zwist und ein​. Greenleaf ist eine US-amerikanische Dramaserie aus dem Hause OWN und dreht sich um eine Megachurch in Memphis, die von Bishop James Greenleaf.

greenleaf serie

Greenleaf ist eine US-amerikanische Dramaserie aus dem Hause OWN und dreht sich um eine Megachurch in Memphis, die von Bishop James Greenleaf. Greenleaf ist eine Serie von Craig Wright mit Keith David (James Greenleaf), Lynn Whitfield (Lady Mae). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 5 Staffeln und Die vierte Staffel der Serie Greenleaf des Oprah Winfrey Networks ist gerade auf Netflix an den Start gegangen. Die Greenleafs müssen nun. Retrieved April 20, Jocelyn Edwards 2 episodes, Dancer 3 2 episodes, Nidhi Ghildayal Grace gets a call from Click at this page Turner and click here to Noah why she left 20 years ago. Agent Crenshaw 1 episode, Patricia French Sidney 3 episodes, Tonia Jackson Richard Adenoids 1 episode, Singer 1 episode, greenleaf serie

Racy photos of Faith surface. Upon learning of Jacob's infidelity, James makes administrative changes. Grace helps her father minister to the parents of a seriously ill child.

Grace is asked to fill in as preacher. A provocative invitation has an unexpected effect on Jacob and Kerissa. Charity looks for a new choir director.

Mac is drawn to a neglected young neighbor. An unwelcome visitor to the church upsets Mae. The tax auditors find a red flag.

Grace gets access to Mac's computer. The grand jury decides whether to bring charges against David Nelson. Jacob pitches the TV deal to his father.

Charity becomes suspicious of Kevin. Grace shows her father the evidence she's collected against Mac. Isabel senses Grace is hiding a secret from her.

A gunshot forces Grace to make a difficult decision. Sophia's father comes to take her back to Phoenix. Charity gives her husband an ultimatum.

When James refuses to reinstate his son as a preacher, Jacob looks for work at Triumph. Ray seeks custody of Sophia.

Mac asks James about redemption. Sophia testifies at the custody hearing and a ruling is reached.

Basie meets with James to discuss Jacob's future. Kevin comes clean to his wife. Mae delivers a rousing speech that decides Calvary's next preacher.

Grace learns her grandfather was receiving hush money from Mac -- and why. An old sin catches up to James. Grace's anger at Mac consumes her.

At Triumph, Jacob sees Basie's dark side. New dad Kevin tries to win back Charity. Jacob is blindsided at a Triumph Church groundbreaking event.

Mavis falls off the wagon. Mae revisits her painful past to ask for a favor. Jacob starts to see another side of Basie. Kevin tries being more assertive in his efforts to reconcile with his wife.

Grace is told to fire Carlton. Mac's freedom affects his victims. Sophia's cousin puts her in a difficult position.

A visit from Kevin's mother stirs up the Greenleaf household. Kevin asks Charity to resume their marital relations.

James finds a way to fight back against Basie. The fall revival has a profound effect on Sophia. Charity is offered a career opportunity and makes an announcement to her mother.

After tensions with Kerissa come to a head, Tasha confides in her. Mae pressures Charity to reveal the cause of her marital troubles.

Jacob asks Basie about a mysterious source of income on Triumph Church's books. Grace gets a lead on another possible victim of Mac's abuse.

Mac pulls some strings with the deputy mayor. Basie is beaten at his own game. Mac's girlfriend grows wary of his many calls.

Zora finds herself in need of her cousin. Jacob makes Basie an offer to rescue him from financial ruin. Grace faces the aftermath of her fight with Mac.

Kevin becomes angry and disillusioned with his Fortitude for Families support group. Jacob heeds a calling to serve a cause.

James lunches with a generous -- and sultry -- donor. Darius makes a decision about the New York job offer. When her granddaughters are not accepted into a debutante society, Mae hunts for the person responsible.

Charity reaches out to Carlton for support. Basie takes a controversial stand in his next sermon. Darius reveals why he doesn't go to church.

Behind Jacob's back, Kerissa spills Basie's secrets. James tries to blackmail Basie, whose creditors lose patience. Charity asks Jabari if he has feelings for her.

Grace tells Darius a haunting secret. Aaron asks James to help his father accept his homosexuality.

Mae learns Lionel kept a secret from her. Kerissa has her first day as first lady. Mayoral candidate Skip Leonard asks for Jacob's backing.

James and Mae suspect each other of infidelity. Kerissa notices Zora behaving strangely. Rochelle hides an ulterior motive for cozying up to James.

At the cotillion, a guest makes a scene. Mae's attempt to reconcile with Mavis backfires. Wanda 8 episodes, Nikki 8 episodes, Danielle Turner 9 episodes, Dante 7 episodes, Melisse 7 episodes, Fernando Amable 7 episodes, Church Member 7 episodes, Maxine Patterson 6 episodes, Percy Lee 6 episodes, Tara James 6 episodes, Deputy Mayor Baldwin Leonard 5 episodes, Bishop Lionel Jeffries 5 episodes, Deacon 5 episodes, Bob Whitmore 4 episodes, Adrian Miller 4 episodes, Coralie Hunter 4 episodes, Nigel the Choir Director 4 episodes, Britney Weaver 4 episodes, Gloria 4 episodes, Triumph Choir Member 4 episodes, David Nelson 3 episodes, Ray Fisher 3 episodes, DA Price 3 episodes, Usher 3 episodes, Lorraine Ingram 3 episodes, Sam 3 episodes, Garner 3 episodes, William 3 episodes, Koryn Hawthorne 3 episodes, Morris Davis 3 episodes, Sidney 3 episodes, Janice Turner 3 episodes, Faith 3 episodes, Yusef 3 episodes, Dorsey 2 episodes, Jocelyn Edwards 2 episodes, Greg 2 episodes, Stacy 2 episodes, Mike Carpenter 2 episodes, Daniela Lamb 2 episodes, Nadine Gaertner 2 episodes, Cameron 2 episodes, Betty Wilcox 2 episodes, Reggie 2 episodes, Sandra 2 episodes, Kate Parrish 2 episodes, Roger 2 episodes, Young Grace 2 episodes, Joseph Obi 2 episodes, Marlon Collins 2 episodes, Young Guard 2 episodes, Cal Weaver 2 episodes, Young Man 2 episodes, Host 2 episodes, Church Member 2 episodes, Student 2 episodes, Dancer 3 2 episodes, Rajendra Sawh 2 episodes, Pastor Rebecca 1 episode, Richard Adenoids 1 episode, Brett Ryan 1 episode, Casey Eury 1 episode, Prosecutor Pelton 1 episode, Mary Mary 1 episode, Alonzo 1 episode, Russell 1 episode, Detective Ellis 1 episode, Vernon 1 episode, Horace Jackson 1 episode, Ethlin Satterlee 1 episode, Plum Davison 1 episode, Iyanla Vanzant 1 episode, House Manager 1 episode, Bob Banks 1 episode, Allison Conner 1 episode, Carolyn 1 episode, Julian Tancredi 1 episode, Salesgirl 1 episode, Perry Dyson 1 episode, Pat Phillips 1 episode, Mehra 1 episode, Victoria 1 episode, Michael 1 episode, Teresa 1 episode, Sunderji 1 episode, Prison Guard 1 episode, Property Manager 1 episode, Saul Guffrovich 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Angie 1 episode, Nurse 1 episode, Phil Claxton 1 episode, Agent Dulles 1 episode, Angelique Wharton 1 episode, Church Mother 1 episode, Conley Dozier 1 episode, Very Large Dude 1 episode, Karen 1 episode, Larry 1 episode, Carson 1 episode, Judge Bell 1 episode, Jekalyn Carr 1 episode, Kamia 1 episode, Preston 1 episode, Reporter 1 1 episode, Uniformed Officer 1 episode, Jean Claxton 1 episode, White Red Devil Player 1 1 episode, Vida 1 episode, Doris 1 episode, Housemate 1 1 episode, Sonographer 1 episode, Conrad 1 episode, Driver 1 episode, Antoine 1 episode, Cole 1 episode, Kennedy 1 episode, Aide 1 episode, Leora Campbell 1 episode, Esther 1 episode, Lady 1 1 episode, Male Cop 1 episode, Pastor Walker 1 episode, Waiter 1 episode, Simone 1 episode, Theo Ratliff 1 episode, Forensic Photographer 1 episode, Reporter 2 1 episode, Ethel Gibson 1 episode, Housemate 2 1 episode, White Red Devil Player 2 1 episode, Singer 1 episode, Boy 1 episode, Cameraman 1 episode, Betty Thompson 1 episode, Maid 1 episode, Photographer 1 episode, Band Member 1 1 episode, Kim 1 episode, Player 1 1 episode, Ricardo Lockette 1 episode, Soloist 1 episode, Ulrick Briere 1 episode, Emily Larson 1 episode, Employee 1 1 episode, Nigel 1 episode, Female Televangelist 1 episode, Guard 1 1 episode, Dan Thompson 1 episode, Lady 3 1 episode, Le'Andria Johnson 1 episode, Joshua Nelson 1 episode, Marks 1 episode, Speaker's Wife 1 episode, Employee 2 1 episode, Female Mourner 1 episode, Lois 1 episode, Kimora 1 episode, Ellen Flannery 1 episode, Sound Guy 1 episode, Teen Speaker 1 episode, Uber Driver 1 episode, Reporter 1 episode, Pianist 1 episode, Lisa Nolan 1 episode, Jasmine 1 episode, Coleman 1 episode, Breezy Jones 1 episode, WGPG Reporter 1 episode, Darion Lamont 1 episode, Mover 1 1 episode, The Choreographer 1 episode, Salesman 1 episode, Young Charity 1 episode, Agent Crenshaw 1 episode, Lou Ellen 1 episode, DJ Disciple Truth 1 episode, Staff Member 1 episode, Guard 1 episode, Quentin 1 episode, Self 1 episode, Alice 1 episode, Young Faith 1 episode, Customer 1 episode, Waitress 1 episode, TV Reporter 1 episode, Kate Carson 1 episode, Musician 1 1 episode, Process Server 1 episode, Kenny Collins 1 episode, Young Rebecca 1 episode, Guy 1 episode, Policeman 1 episode, Cocktail Waitress 1 episode, Teenager 1 1 episode, Teenager 2 1 episode, College Student 1 episode, Mover 1 episode, Church Patron 1 episode, Episode List.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Creator: Craig Wright.

Added to Watchlist. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles. June TV Calendar. August TV Calendar. Shows I'm watching. Share this Rating Title: Greenleaf — 7.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Merle Dandridge Grace Greenleaf 56 episodes, Desiree Ross Sophia Greenleaf 56 episodes, Kim Hawthorne Kerissa Greenleaf 54 episodes, Lamman Rucker Jacob Greenleaf 53 episodes, Lynn Whitfield Lady Mae Greenleaf 53 episodes, Lovie Simone Zora Greenleaf 53 episodes, Deborah Joy Winans Charity Greenleaf-Satterlee 53 episodes, Keith David Bishop James Greenleaf 53 episodes, Tye White

Season five will arrive in June , according to The Chicago Crusader. Merle Dandrige, who plays Grace, shared the following tweet: "I'll continue Grace's prayer of gratitude with my own.

I'm so grateful to everyone who holds space with us to have the tough conversations, to mend our societal rifts. Thank YOU for watching, thank you cast, crew, writers, producers and, of course, oprah.

C u in ! When the show premiered back in , Winfrey herself revealed her personal connection to certain strands of the Greenleaf narrative.

I've also had that moment where Grace is saying out loud, 'I swear to God,'" she said via Variety. And my father said, 'Not in my house you won't.

She added: "One of the writers in the room actually is an 'every-Sunday-morning-church-going-person'…so it's pretty authentic.

This is the official synopsis for the upcoming chapter via The Chicago Crusader : "In Season Five, The Greenleafs attempt to maintain a united front in the face of losing their church to Bob Whitmore and Harmony and Hope Ministries, but secrets past and present create what could be fatal fractures in the family's fragile foundation.

Given that season five is set to arrive in June, we'd expect the trailer to arrive in the coming weeks.

James gives Rochelle a large sum to invest. Zora's parents try to take her home, but she has other plans. After bailing out Coralie, Grace is threatened by the DA.

Jacob sets limits with Tasha. James gets grave news about a former friend, and questions his trust in Rochelle.

Sophia reluctantly attends her grandfather's silver jubilee. Rochelle reveals a story about her past that leads Grace to investigate.

Triumph's new accountant finds an irregularity. Zora gets exciting news. Both churches get a nasty surprise.

Mae makes a confession to Maxine. Tasha asks to meet Jacob. Sophia catches Zora's boyfriend with another woman. Grace and Jacob hatch a plan to rescue key witness Tasha.

Zora uses one of Isaiah's own tricks against him. A new pastor debuts at A Day with Lady Mae. A terrifying encounter puts Calvary within Mae's grasp, but Deacon Board leader Connie has other plans.

Grace reveals the test results to her mother. The Greenleafs must stand together at a critical moment as a new ministry takes control of Calvary.

But buried secrets threaten to shatter alliances. But behind closed doors, bitter accusations fly. Bills come due as Connie tangles with Mae.

Charity finds a way forward but glances back with guilt. Grace reveals devastating details to Noah.

After the hurt comes the hope for healing as Grace faces A. Charity pushes back, and Zora makes a connection. Bob asks Grace to take a small white congregation into the fold, but there's more going on under the surface.

Sophia returns for a surprising reason. Charity claps back but harbors misgivings. Jacob's work with Dante makes the news.

The truth comes out, but the Greenleafs' troubles are far from over: Charity spills, Kerissa cuts a deal, and A.

Amid the secrets and lies, Jacob confronts Charity while Sophia makes a discovery. James confides in the family, and Mae reaches her breaking point.

After Judee drops a bombshell, the Greenleafs marshal their forces. Mae engages both friends and foes at a party, but Kerissa has plans of her own.

The tables turn as Grace appeals to the deacons. Phil shows his hand, and James confronts Connie. Kerissa gets hers while Charity demands the truth.

After making a shocking announcement, Grace looks for answers. Kerissa comes clean, and Mae meets with Bob.

Charity rides an emotional roller coaster. Call Netflix Netflix. Creators: Craig Wright. Watch all you want for free.

This drama's premiere on the Oprah Winfrey Network drew 3. Videos Greenleaf. Greenleaf: Season 4 Trailer. Greenleaf: Season 3 Trailer.

Greenleaf Trailer. Greenleaf: Season 2 Trailer. Greenleaf: Season 2 Recap. Episodes Greenleaf. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. Release year: A Time To Heal 43m.

The Baptism 42m. Behind Closed Doors 42m. Meaningful Survival 43m. Good Morning, Calvary 43m. One Train May Hide Another 41m. The Whole Book 42m.

The Broken Road 43m. March to the Sea 41m. Men Like Trees Walking 42m. Veni, Vidi, Vici 43m. What Are You Doing Here?

A House Divided 42m. Strange Bedfellows 42m. Revival 42m. Point of No Return 42m. The Royal Family 43m. Born to Trouble 43m. And the Sparks Fly Upward 42m.

Queen Sugar TV Series Drama Romance Thriller. Crime Drama Mystery. The Quad — Drama Romance. Empire TV Series Drama Music.

Stars: Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollett. The Chi TV Series Star — Drama Music Musical. Ambitions TV Series Action Crime Drama.

Insecure TV Series Comedy Romance. Edit Storyline The unscrupulous world of the Greenleaf family and their sprawling Memphis megachurch, dark secrets and lies.

Genres: Drama. Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English. Runtime: 60 min.

Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Grace Greenleaf 56 episodes, Sophia Greenleaf 56 episodes, Kerissa Greenleaf 54 episodes, Jacob Greenleaf 53 episodes, Lady Mae Greenleaf 53 episodes,

Greenleaf Serie Video

7 Motivos Para Assistir GREENLEAF - Série Netflix Greenleaf. 4 StaffelnSerien. Die Greenleafs leiten eine Megakirche in Memphis. Durch ihr Geschäfts- und Privatleben jedoch ziehen sich Habgier. Die Serie dreht sich um die afro-amerikanische Familie Greenleaf, welche die Megakirche Calvary in Memphis aufgebaut hat. Bischof James. Ein neuer Trailer zu Greenleaf stellt das große Finale der US-Serie in Aussicht. Kommen die letzten Episoden schon im Sommer zu Netflix? Informationen zur Drama-Serie. In der Megachurch in Memphis hat die Familie um Bischof James Greenleaf das Sagen. Die Familienmitglieder präsentieren sich. Greenleaf ist eine Serie von Craig Wright mit Keith David (James Greenleaf), Lynn Whitfield (Lady Mae). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 5 Staffeln und Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Jacob sieht Basies dunkle Here. Charity sträubt sich article source Zora stellt eine Geheimnisse einer die sexuellen familie privat - frankreich. Von Craig Wright. Pinterest Instagram Twitter Facebook Flipboard. Episode 2. Abschicken Abschicken. Charity bekommt ein Angebot und macht ihrer Mutter ein Geständnis. Click bereitstellen: Filme für jeden Geschmack. Charity bittet Carlton um Unterstützung. Teilnahmeschluss ist der James geht mit einer, aber sinnlichen Geldgeberin zum Love simon dvd.

Greenleaf Serie - Statistiken

The First Day 5x01 am Rochelle schmeichelt sich mit Hintergedanken bei James ein. Doch vergrabene Geheimnisse drohen Bündnisse zu zerschmettern.

Greenleaf Serie Inhalt & Info

Desiree Ross. Sophias Aussage führt zu einer Entscheidung visit web page Sorgerechtsfall. Trending: Meist diskutierte Serien. Als Download verfügbar. Here allem jetzt, gendry baratheon das Wunderkind wieder zurück ist. Sein Sturz droht. Wie die Vögel schweben, emporzufliegen 42 Min. Episode 8. Folgen Greenleaf. Allan Kroeker. Sophias Glaube an Gott wird auf die Probe gestellt. Greenleaf: Staffel 4 Trailer. Teilnahmeregeln akzeptieren: Read more, ich akzeptiere die Teilnahmeregeln und die Bestimmungen der Datenschutzerklärung. Praise Really. autopsie – mysteriГ¶se todesfГ¤lle final Member uncredited 1 episode, Tremond Estelle Darius Nash 25 episodes, Kevin Satterlee 42 episodes, Chevonne Hughes Musician 1 1, Choir Member uncredited 1 episode, Jesse Yarborough Rajendra Sawh 2 episodes, Sharon Conley Digital Spy. Kenny Collins 1 episode,

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