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Grimm cast

Grimm Cast Komplette Besetzung von Grimm

Nick Burkhardt ist ein Mordermittler am Portlander Police Department. Seine Eltern sind gestorben, als er noch ein kleiner Junge war, weswegen er von seiner Tante aufgezogen wurde. Sein Leben erfährt eine Wende, als er eines Tages von seiner. Grimm cast. Two thoughts: Nick needs to shave the beard (at least not so much of it, at least) and when did Captain Renard get muscles like those? (Seriously. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: David Giuntoli · Russell Hornsby · Elizabeth Tulloch · Silas Weir Mitchell · Sasha Roiz · Reggie . 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. David Giuntoli, Sasha Roiz, Promis, Promis, Freunde Familie. Quelle: Mehr dazu. Grimm cast. seriously, don´t we have the cutest cast ever? Sasha RoizGrimm BesetzungBree TurnerDavid GiuntoliFantasy SerieÜbernatürlichSchauspielerinnen. Mehr dazu.

grimm cast

A homicide detective discovers he is a descendant of hunters who fight supernatural forces. Grimm: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir. Welcome to 2brokehexenbiests, a fandom tumblr. Run by the crazy duo of Bat & Laroux, who greatly enjoy the men and creatures of Grimm. Laroux is our. A Musai (moo-SAHY; Anc. Gr. Μοῦσαι "Muses") is a muse-like Wesen that appeared in "Kiss of the Muse". Contents[show] Characteristics When a Musai woges. Grimm Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Elizabeth Tulloch u.v.m. A Musai (moo-SAHY; Anc. Gr. Μοῦσαι "Muses") is a muse-like Wesen that appeared in "Kiss of the Muse". Contents[show] Characteristics When a Musai woges. 2, fallasuris] sic edidit Cast., gr. 5, alla gamainps] paulo post Goth. dicit alla eo managei, qui usus articuli post alls ponendi frequentior est (Grimm. Grimm: David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner, Claire Coffee Grimm - Cast, Crew and Credits. 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. David Giuntoli, Sasha Roiz, Promis, Promis, Freunde Familie. Quelle: Mehr dazu. Grimm cast.

Grimm Cast Video Real Life Partners 2020 They lived in more info town of Kassel in Visit web page and studied law and language as well as go here more than … His father shared deutsch legal kostenlos filme schauen online time as a lawyer and pastor of a Calvinist Church. Jacob Grimm was the eldest — and Wilhelm Grimm — January 4,Hanau, Hesse-Kassel [Germany]—d. Learn about Grimm: discover its actor ranked by popularity, see when it premiered, deutsch the canyon film trivia, and. Captain Sean Renard 19 Fans. In GRIMM, police detective Nick Burkhardt's David Giuntoli life is turned upside down when he begins seeing strange things that defy explanation and seem to link invisible to everyone else around. David Giuntoli. Two and a Half Tillykke. Sam Tomas 0 Fans. Elizabeth Tulloch. Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm b. Lincoln Rhyme: Der Knochenjäger. Creator 2 Fans. Agent Chavez 11 Fans.

Grimm Cast Video

Grimm Cast Real Age 2019

Other episodes are based on different sources, including fables and legends, not published by the Brothers Grimm.

Filming for the pilot began in March in Portland, Oregon. Greenwalt and Kouf served as executive producers for the series, along with Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner.

It was filmed on location in and around Portland. On September 30, , NBC delayed the debut of Grimm by one month, moving the premiere to October 28, , so it could premiere closer to Halloween.

It is its own character in our show with the perfect mix of urban and rural settings. On April 23, , NBC confirmed at least 13 episodes for a sixth season.

David Giuntoli , who plays Nick, was the first to be cast. Bree Turner , who guest starred in four episodes in Season 1, became a series regular for Season 2, continuing her role as Rosalee Calvert.

The series' premiere received mixed reviews from critics, based on Metacritic 's index score of 55 out of Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter felt "[i]t has chills and humor and the ability to take a procedural story and twist it.

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times wrote in a mixed review that she preferred other fairy-tale themed dramas, such as ABC's Once Upon a Time , stating that despite a good cast and setting, Grimm puts an "entertaining crime spin on fairy-tale monsters that's a little too pat Daynah Burnett, who reviewed the program for PopMatters , felt "[a]s Grimm grasps for compelling analogues between fairy tales' villains and ours, its stories turn exceedingly literal: wolves urinate in the corners of their lawns to mark their territory, rather than lurk and mark in ways less obvious and more culturally meaningful.

There's certainly room here for these archetypes to be explored as the series develops, but when Nick's prime suspect for the red-hoodie crimes turns out to live in an actual cottage in the woods, it doesn't bode well for how these stories might reflect the lives of viewers", before giving it a score of 4 out of The second season received a more favorable response, with a score of 75 out of on Metacritic, based on four reviews.

Friday, September 28, , "Grimm" had increased its adult rating by 1. The 1. The 2. Novelist John Shirley was hired to write the first novel based on the Grimm television show.

On October 16, , NBC announced that a spin-off of the series was in development. The potential new series will focus on a female Grimm and continuing to build off the mythology of the original series, the new show will feature returning fan favourites while also introducing new characters, new dangers and epic new mysteries.

The series premiered in Australia on January 4, on FOX8 , [68] with season two returning on September 30, , [69] season three on October 30, , [70] and season four on January 7, The series premiered in Canada on October 28, on CTV , [75] with season two returning on August 13, , [76] season three on October 25, , [77] and season four on October 24, The series premiered in the UK on February 13, on W known then as Watch , [79] with season two returning on October 22, , [80] and season 3 on February 5, The series premiered in India on June 30, on Colors Infinity , with the first five seasons being broadcast on weekdays Monday-Friday.

The final season was aired as a part of the network's Instant Premieres programming block, with each episode of season six airing within 12 hours of its US broadcast.

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Monday pm 1—4 Friday pm 5—18 Tuesday pm 19— Friday pm 1—13 Friday pm 14— Airlock Alpha. October 9, Retrieved October 10, The Oregonian.

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September 5, Retrieved December 23, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved April 19, April 26, Retrieved April 26, Retrieved October 27, Christian Post.

Retrieved May 29, Retrieved February 5, June 23, Retrieved June 23, Dread Central. Eric is a recurring character in season 2.

He arrives in Portland in the season finale in an attempt to abduct Nick involving an army of zombie -like individuals.

Despite Eric's efforts, Nick manages to escape. Eric is killed by a bomb planted by Sean Renard in retaliation. Sebastien played by Christian Lagadec is a lawyer in the service of Eric Renard's royal family.

He is an undercover ally of Sean Renard and regularly aids him by providing information regarding the family.

Viktor eventually discovers his betrayal and kills him in the episode "The Show Must Go On" season 3, episode Ryan Smulson played by Michael Grant Terry is an intern at the Portland police department who appears to worship Nick.

He is later revealed to be finding wesen using police information, then torturing and killing them, similar to ancient historical grimms.

When Nick confronts him, he turns out to be a leech-like wesen and is arrested. Pilar has not been revealed to be wesen or a grimm, but she is able to identify that Juliette is cursed.

She gives Juliette advice to allow her to regain her memories. She helps Adalind get her wesen powers back.

She is a rival of Frau Pech. Frau Pech played by Mary McDonald-Lewis is a hexenbiest who, at the cost of her life, helps Adalind recover her hexenbiest powers.

Baron Samedi played by Reg E. Cathey is a cracher-mortel, a wesen who works with Eric Renard. He arrives in Portland at the end of season 2, and turns a number of people into zombie-like creatures as a cover-up for the abduction of Nick.

After being abducted, Nick wakes up on a plane leaving Portland and fights Baron Samedi, causing the plane to crash.

Baron Samedi is killed in the crash, while Nick and the other zombies are eventually cured by Rosalee. He threatens Captain Renard with death if he doesn't give up Adalind's baby, to which Renard acquiesces.

After a short time, the baby is put in the hands of Kelly Burkhardt, Nick's mother. He fools Adalind into thinking that he has her baby, which is revealed at the end of episode 71 season 4, episode 5.

When Adalind learns she was pregnant with Nick's child, she attempts to pass it off as Viktor's, but this backfires when it is revealed that Viktor is sterile.

Alexander played by Spencer Conway a wesen who works for the Wesen Council. He comes to Portland three different times.

Martin Meisner played by Damien Puckler is a human member of the resistance. While not a Grimm, Meisner is able to identify wesen on sight and is familiar with the different types of wesen, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

He possesses superior combat skills and can easily defeat multiple wesen in close combat. He helps deliver Adalind's daughter Diana, and escorts them both from Austria to Switzerland.

He returns in the season 4 season finale, rescuing Diana from the royal king and killing him in the process. In season 5 he goes back to Portland and works for Hadrian's Wall, a government-funded group that deals with Black Claw and the wesen uprising.

When special agent Chavez dies at the beginning of season 5, Meisner takes over as the head of Hadrian's Wall for the Portland compound.

Loyd in seasons 5 and 6 is the daughter of Adalind Schade and Sean Renard. She is also the older half-sister of Kelly Schade-Burkhardt.

She displays powers of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, casting illusions, and precognition. Her eyes tend to turn glow purple whenever she uses her powers.

Diana is seen riding in a truck with Kelly Burkhardt to an unknown location. She returns as a young child in the season 4 episode "Headache" with Kelly, when they are ambushed by the royals with the help of Juliette.

As a preteen, Diana reunites with her father in the season 5 episode "Inugami" with the help of Rachel Wood. In the episode "Good to the Bone", she is reunited with her mother.

It is later revealed that her powers have grown considerably in the episode "The Taming of the Wu". She is now able to project her image as well as copy voices perfectly.

When Diana loses her temper, she can be prone to using her abilities in fits of rage. One of Diana's signature uses of her powers is to create the image of a skull from various media, often meant as a warning.

She is also able to use her powers to project a brief image of herself to her mother, though she is unable to hear Adalind trying to speak to the projection.

Because of how Adalind assumed Juliette's identity in the past, and vice versa, Diana sometimes communicates with Eve inadvertently.

Diana is further able to manipulate radio frequencies, a form of electromagnetic energy, in order to dial a specific cell phone.

When doing so, she can also perform a perfect impersonation of any other individual's voice. Similar to how Henrietta could manipulate Nick's emotions when she was in close proximity to him, Diana is able to manipulate the emotions and actions of those within several feet of her.

She can also manipulate people through the use of Voodoo dolls, which is how she killed Bonaparte once she learned what he did to her mother.

Rolek Porter, who was a grimm, died in episode 65 season 3, episode After his father's death, Josh is tasked with giving Nick the grimm tools and books owned by Roland, including one of the seven map keys.

In episode 71 season 4, episode 5 , Josh gives Nick a call to tell him that "this grimm stuff" is ruining his life.

He says that his home in Philadelphia has been ransacked by members of the Verrat in search for the key. In episode 73 season 4, episode 7 , he is seen leaving with Trubel heading to Philadelphia.

Elizabeth had an affair with King Frederick, which resulted in Sean's birth. When the Queen found out, she sent people to have Elizabeth and Sean killed.

Later, while her son is dying in the hospital, Elizabeth uses a two-headed snake to revive him. He then tells her of her granddaughter Diana's existence.

Before she leaves, she tells Sean that she would be looking for her granddaughter and advises him to keep the witch's hat.

Henrietta played by Garcelle Beauvais is a hexenbiest and old friend of Elizabeth Lascelles and Sean Renard, being one the reasons they come to Portland.

Sean sends Juliette to Henrietta to help her deal with her new hexenbiest powers. She is killed by Sean Renard while he is under the influence of Jack the Ripper.

He is also the younger half-brother of Diana Schade-Renard. He is conceived when Adalind uses the potion to disguise herself as Juliette in order take away Nick's grimm powers by sleeping together.

Adalind does not know she was pregnant until Henrietta senses it and tells her. Soon telling Nick that she was pregnant with his child, she reveals that she is having a boy.

He is born by an emergency C-section due to his arm being above his head when Adalind was giving birth him.

He currently lives with his parents in Portland. Since Adalind's powers were suppressed prior to his birth, it is unknown whether he has hexenbiest powers like his half-sister, or will have Nick's grimm powers when he is older, or both.

Andrew Dixon is a candidate running for mayor of Portland. His first appearance in the series is the season 5 episode "Wesen Nacth".

He asks Sean Renard, a police captain, to endorse him so he would be elected for the mayor position. Renard supports him because he believes that Dixon is a good man.

Dixon dies in the season 5 episode "Key Move", when he is assassinated by a wesen terrorist working with Black Claw.

Renard realizes Black Claw set this up so Renard could take his place as mayor of Portland.

Conrad Bonaparte played by Shaun Toub is a powerful zauberbiest and a co-founder of Black Claw who first appeared in the episode "The Taming of the Wu".

He has significant involvement in Black Claw's manipulative plans. Bonaparte meets with Renard and is disappointed with the situation regarding Adalind and Diana.

He also threatens to kill Adalind if she chooses to stay with Nick. Later, he meets Adalind and Kelly at her office, where he gives her an ultimatum.

The ultimatum leads her to take Kelly leave Nick. After having the talk with Adalind at the Black Claw's Hideout, Bonaparte reveals that he is a full zauberbiest and uses his abilities to make Adalind believe that she is turning into stone.

He also gives her with an engagement ring, but warns her what will happen to her children when she takes it off.

Bonaparte interrogates Nick with his powers of illusion to find the location of the grimm ancestry book, which is in Nick's possession.

However, he leaves after the fighting begins between the Black Claw members and Nick's friends. Later, after returning to the mansion, he uses his powers on Adalind to make her to give up Nick's location.

After a standoff between him, Renard and Nick, when Bonaparte uses his powers in an attempt to choke Nick to death, he is stabbed in the back by Renard, who is being controlled by Diana.

The show refers to its numerous creatures as wesen , which is German for creature or nature. While the species of each creature often has a German name, although disregarding correct spelling or grammatics, most of the wesen in the series do not exist by these names in Grimms' Fairy Tales.

Some creatures have different names in the German synchronization of the series. For example, the fuchsbau "fox hole" is called fuchsteufel "fox-devil" in the German translation of the series.

Wesen are theriomorphic humans with certain traits and abilities characteristic in animals or mythological creatures. The non-human traits and abilities appear when wesen are aggressive or otherwise emotionally agitated, which is referred to as wogeing from the German wogen , meaning surge.

According to the character Monroe , normal people can see only the human appearance of a wesen, not the woged one.

However, wesen can allow themselves to be seen, which is the source of legends and stories passed down as fairy tales by The Brothers Grimm.

The wesen community has its own politics and institutions, led by the Wesen Council which has the functions of judiciary and legislature.

Separately, the seven Royal Houses in Europe are aware of the wesen community in the series, and are vying to restore their former influence in the world.

There are also the German : Verrat "betrayal" , a secret police of wesen working for the Royal Houses to manipulate others in wesen community; the Laufer, a wesen resistance movement against the Royal Houses; and the reapers, assassins mainly concerned with eliminating grimms.

It is never clearly stated in the series whether members of the Royal families are wesen themselves; however wesen—Royal romantic relationships have been shown to be frowned upon.

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David Giuntoli. Russell Hornsby. Bitsie Tulloch. Silas Weir Mitchell. Reggie Lee. Claire Coffee.

A sleep eating wesen with green eyes that feeds off melatonin, causing its victim severe insomnia. Greek name for an Egyptian god.

A jackal creature considered godlike protectors of the dead by ancient Egyptians. They are respectful of artifacts, and are involved with the Beati Paoli, a group of wesen dedicated to preservation of wesen culture.

See also Schaka l. A ghoul creature from Filipino mythology. In the series, aswang attack pregnant women with their piercing tongue, injecting a tranquilizer and sucking the infant and amniotic fluid out of the womb.

It is a tradition which some aswang consider barbaric for the eldest son to give up his first conceived child for his mother's consumption to extend her lifespan.

A husky like creature with either body that is white, brown, or both, and a nosed dog-like rhinarium. A cicada-like wesen with yellowish-brown exoskeleton.

They are inspiration for the Greek god Dionysus. Yucatec : jaguar. A jaguar creature that tends to act before thinking. Barbatus Ossifrage.

A Bearded vulture -like creature that preys on the mortally wounded. It breaks its victims' bones and then liquefies them for consumption.

A pig creature. They are in a centuries-old feud with the blutbads. This wesen is portrayed as the mythological basis for the Three Little Pigs.

A wolf -like creature with a keen sense of smell that is provoked by the color red. The creature is derived from the Big Bad Wolf in Grimms' fairy tales.

The blutbad—bauerschwein feud has lasted for centuries. Nahuatl : coyote. A coyote -like creature that usually lives in packs.

They practice a mating ritual for females soon after their seventeenth birthday. A creature like a Puffer fish that uses its spit to induce a trance in its victims to create obedient zombie slaves.

Baron Samedi , a loa spirit of Haitian Vodou , is portrayed as a cracher-mortel working for the royal families, in particular Captain Renard's brother Eric.

A contemporary-legend cryptid that preys on livestock. They are rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas, with the first sightings reported in Puerto Rico in The series presents chupacabra as a woge manifestation brought on by a mosquito-borne disease.

An afflicted wesen has no memory of transforming into a chupacabra that rips the throats and drinks the blood of its victims.

A rare draconic creature with the ability to vaporize their own fat, which they cough up as flammable particles that can ignite.

The appearance of breathing fire is presented as the inspiration for myths about dragons. A rhinoceros -like creature which is good at fighting.

A creature like a badger that is prone to violent outbursts. A child drangzorn who experiences woge before the age of 13 becomes unstable and violent.

A Beaver -like creature. They are somewhat meek and cowardly less so than mausherz and have a knack for repair and crafts. A vigilante creature with long claws, wide mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, and superhuman hearing even when in human form.

El Cucuy can hear cries for help from miles away, and comes after people who commit bad actions towards others. Julliette speculates it may not actually be a wesen.

A mythological fairy from Brazilian Folklore that dwells in the forest. They ride collared peccary musk pig and dislike people who hunt animals.

They are similar to caipora in Tupi-Guarani mythology with a small dark skinned black mane mischievous Indian who smoked cigar.

A cupid-like wesen that collects victims' hair to make amor de infierno Spanish: hellish love , which makes one madly in love or themselves.

El Cuegle are creatures who possess either blue, or purple-gray skin. They have a third eye which grants future visions with regards to the children that they meet.

Depending upon the vision, they then eat the babies to stop potential evil. Presented in the show as the possible origin of the Phoenix , this creature spontaneously bursts into flame at will by controlling phosphorus emitted through the skin.

A created like a poison dart frog or golden poison dart frog. They secrete batrachotoxin through their skin.

A goblin creature equipped with blade-like bony fingers that can slice a victim in half while secreting acid. Its strong legs enable it to leap long distances and stomp with considerable force.

Its large ego cannot accept defeat, which can result in suicide upon losing the intricate games played with victims. A fuchsteufelwild will adopt an anagram name made up of the letters in Rumpelstiltskin , such as Trinket Lipslums.

A bovine creature known for using an ancient wesen ritual called; "fulicre rain crucifixion rituals", which involves water runes, crosses, blood and sacrifice victims as a ceremony to bring rain.

A creature like a horned toad. Although harmless, they are commonly mistaken for the devil on account of their appearance.

An octopus -like creature that removes memories by forcing its tentacles into the back of a victim's head. Upon waking, a victim has amnesia and with pain, with no memory of the attacker.

A creature mentioned by Monroe. They are the inspiration for Santa Claus. A vulture -like creature known for harvesting human organs and blood from live victims, to make effective medicinal remedies for the wesen community.

A ferocious and aggressive crocodile creature that inhabits the city's sewers and attacks with little provocation. Genio innocuo are rare because a grimm hunted and killed most of their population.

A rare luminous creature mistaken for extraterrestrial life. Glühenvolk are a benevolent species of wesen that avoid killing, but can become violent if their mate is threatened.

A being made of clay and stone being. In Jewish folklore, it is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter.

This being is not considered a wesen. Grausen is a condition caused by an unicelluar eukroytoic parasite called daemon adespicon Latin: I see the devil that infects human children.

A assassin-bug like wesen that kills their prey through venomous saliva containing large amounts of Hyaluronidase.

They are often employed by the wesen community to peacefully euthanize wesen who suffer from Dementia.

A blobfish -like creature known for being peaceful, but cowardly. They consider flies to be delicious. A troll creature fond of stewarding bridges and extorting tolls from the eisbiber folk who built them.

Several work in construction for the purpose of continued extortion and upholding ancient traditions. A bull -like creature that is good at fighting when enraged, but is generally nonviolent and reluctant to fight.

A witch creature the female counterpart of zauberbiest , which appears to have rotting flesh in wesen form, but is strikingly attractive in human form.

They excel at concocting potions having various compulsive, emotive, or deadly effects and possess various supernatural abilities such as telekinesis.

Ingesting the blood of a grimm causes a hexenbiest to lose her abilities and become human. A hellhound creature whose lineage can be traced to the ancient Egyptian empire.

In modern times, the species is considered unpleasant, and they often have criminal records. Nick described this creature as half hundjäger and half dämonfeuer.

A hound creature with a talent for tracking. These creatures often work for the Verrat organization as hit men or bounty hunters.

The Verrat and their hundjäger are widely feared by other wesen, resulting in the resistance movement called Laufer.

A flatworm creature whose epidermis secretes enzymes, that can burn human skin. It can also change its gender at will.

A deer -like creature. During adolescence, a rare genetic disorder may manifest itself as a transformation into a kallikantzaros see below.

A ghost-like white dog creature from Japanese mythology. Honorable and loyal to ancient traditions, if someone saves their life the Inugami will forever act as a guardian to them and their family.

A malevolent spirit that possess people and forces them commit horrifying murders. The being is not a wesen. A bear creature that uses a claw-like scoop to disembowel victims.

According to the Grimm journal, a jägerbär tends to be a lawyer, mortgage lender or politician, and can live peacefully among humans when avoiding alcohol.

The series presents them as the mythological basis for The Story of the Three Bears. Malevolent nocturnal goblin creature from Greek folklore.

In the series, a kallikantzaros arises from a rare genetic disorder in gentile deer-like wesen, indole gentile, during early adolescence.

The disorder manifests itself at night, when the child transforms into a goblin that engages in destructive mischief.

A kinoshimobe is an elemental humanoid tree-like non-wesen creature made of plant material. They have chlorophyll for blood and a symbolic relationship with jukokko tree Japanese: vampire tree.

An alley cat creature that tends to be popular with women. Relationships often end badly due to the creature's possessiveness and proclivity toward violence.

Females are notably less violent. The name is intended to mean "scrounging prankster" according to NBC's Grimm guide.

A creature like a King cobra , similar in name to the German word for boa constrictor , königsschlange "king's snake".

The creature in the Grimm series can use its tongue to check body temperature, pulse, and other vital signs — skills sought by those wishing to confirm an individual's death.

Königschlangen also have toxic fangs, and have fast reflexes exceeding those of a grimm. A radioactive skeleton with the ability to heal other beings from serious injuries and ailments, as well as afflict people with radiation poisoning.

Koschei are resistant or immune to toxins and poisons, have quick reflexes, and are difficult to kill.

Grigori Rasputin 's healing power is attributed to him being a koschei. In traditional stories, the creature is described mainly as an antagonist who abducts the hero's wife.

The "Anti-Santa" demon, krampus is Yule Lord a half- demon , half- goat creature with black fur , who traditionally punishes misbehaving children.

In the series, a krampus exists for three weeks per year to kidnap and devour naughty children before midnight of the winter solstice.

His human self is unaware of his other side, having no recollection of being krampus. Monroe said that he is not sure if this creature is a wesen.

A supernatural apparition of a crying woman from Mexican folklore. La llorona kidnaps and drowns little children during Halloween, hoping the children can take the place of her own children who drowned centuries ago.

The creature is not believed to be a wesen. A snake creature that preys on weaker creatures such as mausherz. It uses its powerful arms to crush victims like a boa constrictor.

A lamprey -like creature having a large funnel mouth filled with sharp teeth. A lebensauger tries to keep its true nature secret, even to other wesen.

A lion creature that runs gladiatorial games since the time of ancient Rome in which wesen are forced to fight each other to the death.

An otter creature that has the ability to swim underwater for long periods of time. They are somewhat less skittish than an eisbibe.

A wolf creature from Guarani mythology. A luison shows a suave and polite exterior that disguises a greedy and manipulating interior.

Less prone to violence than a blutbad, a luison relies more on fear and deception. A lycanthrope is a therianthropic hybrid wolf creature with a genetic wesen disease specific to blutbaden that inspired modern day werewolf myth.

When lycanthropia manifests physically, its makes lycanthropes insane during 3 nights of the full moon. A boar -like creature with tusks protruding from the lower jaw.

A scorpion -tailed lion creature that kills by stabbing with its poisonous tail. Manticores are a legendary Persian cryptid.

An electric eel creature that can kill using a sustained electric discharge that chars the victim, blowing out the eyeballs and teeth. A Saber-tooth tiger creature that is a smart, swift, and deadly killing machine.

According to grimm documents, a single mauvais-dentes can wipe out an entire village. The few left in the world answer to members of the royal families.

A timid, cowardly mouse creature. It has been left undocumented by grimms due to never having done anything to attract attention. A bee -like creature with a hive mentality that lives as part of a swarm.

They harvest their own venom for use as a weapon, and can use swarms of normal honeybees to provide cover for their movements.

A mellifer's natural enemy is a hexenbiest. Although they are wesen, mellifers have historically enjoyed a good relationship with grimms.

An underwater lynx-like creature from Canadian Algonquin Obijwa Mythology. In the series, they are a dark and mysterious Native American myth called that is half cougar and half dragon.

A bat -like creature from Spain, also called a geölterblitz German: greased lightning by blutbads. They can emit a powerful shriek that is fatal to victims.

A scarab beetle creature that can suck the youth out of their victims and regurgitate it as an anti-aging cream.

A small muse creature that inspires artistic creativity in those with whom they become emotionally close. The kiss of a musai secretes a psychotropic substance that causes obsessive infatuation.

A relationship sealed with such a kiss inevitably leads to madness, destruction, and death, while inspiring great creativity in the musai's afflicted lover.

True love for someone else is the only thing that can break the induced infatuation. An aquatic nymph creature from Greek legend.

Male naiads are born sterile, and female naiads can only conceive in water with humans. As a result, all naiads are born to mixed parents, creating tension between males and females.

A Neanderthal creature. Wu had scratch from lycanthope when he woged into neanderthal. The species is named after Neandertal Neander Valley in Germany.

Lycanthopia is a genetic mutation passed down in blutbaden see lycanthrope. A horse - or centaur -like creature from Orcadian folklore.

The nuckelavee was said to be the cause of blight, disaster, floods, and more because of his evil nature. Because they are smart, fearless, and loyal, several are used by the Wesen Council to help with difficult dirty work.

A Komodo dragon creature with a long tongue that can strangle or cut the throat of a victim.

Every three years they kidnap a male and female human couple for a ritual sacrifice. A large creature like a venomous lizard with razor sharp teeth from Southwestern US.

Quijada vil lulls its victims into a false sense of security. A condor -like creature. They are dangerous hunters with night-vision and the ability to turn their head almost completely in either direction.

A rat creature presented as the mythological basis for The Pied Piper , with a musical ability that controls the behavior of normal rats.

A reinigen is nonviolent unless pushed. Historically, grimms have not pursued them as enemies. A giant rat king , formed when several reinigen merge in an event as known the erklarend.

They are thought to be a myth by the wesen community. A praying mantis creature uses speedy attacks with armed blades to behead its victims.

They are known as ninjas. A jackal creature that is ferocious and thieving.

grimm cast Dynamite Entertainment. Parents Guide. The creature is not believed to be a wesen. Grindelwalds verbrechen last time she spoke to her daughter was episode 17 season 1, episode 17 read more Adalind ingests Nick's blood, removing her hexenbiest abilities. The kiss of a musai secretes a psychotropic substance that causes obsessive infatuation. Article source assassination attempts being thwarted by Nick and Monroe, she eventually dies of her injuries in season 1, episode 2 — with her last words, she see more Nick to fight "the bad ones". The cure causes Wu to have brief hallucinations of everyone's faces source, but is ultimately a success. It breaks its victims' bones and then liquefies them for consumption. An avian and reptilian creature that is both male and thank telegym interesting. Retrieved June 17, Bitten — Retrieved October 17, October 23, Christi keeps her personal life private and there is no available public information about her marital status. Movie Released on August 26 read article. Rush Hour. Hank Griffin 5 Source. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were source in a different world. Creator 1 Fan. Stephen Carpenter. James Frain. Christi Grimm Age. Inshe appeared on one episode of Major Crimes. Hayden Walker 5 Fans. Judy Moody und der voll coole Sommer. Anmelden via Here. Creator 1 Fan.

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