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Sin city imdb

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The Crow: City of Angels The Crow: City of Angels (). R | 84 min | Action, Crime, Fantasy Sin City Sin City (). R | min | Crime, Thriller. 8. Sin City Sin City (). R | min | Crime, Thriller. 8. Als Regiebeteiligter. Hostel Hostel (). R | 94 min | Horror. Als Produzent. Death Proof The Lego Batman Movie (). The Legend of Tarzan (). Gods of Egypt (​). Pan (). The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (). Sin City: A. Mehr: Bruce Willis kehrt nach Sin City zurück Wie Bleeding Cool berichtete, äußerte Bruce Willis jüngst starkes Interesse an einem weiteren. Sin City ist eine Adaption des gleichnamigen Comics von Frank Miller aus dem Jahr Regie führten Robert Rodriguez und Frank Miller. Der Film begleitet.

sin city imdb

The Lego Batman Movie (). The Legend of Tarzan (). Gods of Egypt (​). Pan (). The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (). Sin City: A. Mehr: Bruce Willis kehrt nach Sin City zurück Wie Bleeding Cool berichtete, äußerte Bruce Willis jüngst starkes Interesse an einem weiteren. A link to an external website Sin City on IMDB Abgeschickt Von a Fan of Sin City. (). sin city imdb

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Available to Rent or Buy Watch Now. Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything Overview Welcome to Sin City.

Social Reviews 1 Discussions 4. Featured Review A review by John Chard 9. Visceral, Visionary, Visual, Sin City kicks the big un!

Content Score Can't find a movie or TV show? Femei sexy. Gardieni disperati. Unii cauta razbunarea. Altii salvarea. Apoi, mai sunt si cei care spera la putin din amandoua.

Un univers al unor eroi neverosimili si apatici care se straduiesc totusi sa faca ceea ce trebuie intr-un oras indiferent.

Film Sin City. Nu ai cont? Program cinema. Dvd Dvd BluRay Soundtrack. Nota IMDB: 8. O nominalizare Cannes Vezi toate premiile.

Trailere Sin City un trailer. Imagini Sin City imagini Vezi imagini. Distributie Sin City. Distribuitorul international Dimension Films.

Distribuit in Romania de MediaPro Distribution. A2zen pe 18 Martie A plecat de acolo cu coada-ntre picioare: cronicile au fost, in majoritate, proaste, iar ceea ce trebuia sa ia ochii care vazusera multe a facut pleosc si s-a dus la fund Pacat de singele varsat!

Care, apropo, a fost invitat sa regizeze una din scene: aceea in care capul taiat al lui Benicio Del Toro vorbeste pe bancheta din fata a unei masini; scena e stranie, sinistra si suprarealista — si, iarasi apropo, singura care se retine din tot filmul.

KuRuPt pe 20 iunie Vezi toate comentariile 3 comentarii Total de acord cu parerea criticului. Dupa 15 minute, deja te plictiseste filmul.

Esti penibil. Filmele lui sunt niste comedii foarte bune. Sigur ca la un moment dat, dupa repetate vizionari la TV si o data cu trecerea anilor, ele devin plictisitoare, dar totusi nu cred ca actorul merita luat in deradere!

Data Rating. Unul dintre cele mai bune filme din ultimii ani. O capodopera marca Robert Rodriguez! Dacianus pe 24 iulie Jamal pe 25 Iulie Ce film mah?

Sin City nu e deloc un film White1 pe 26 octombrie Vezi toate comentariile 4 comentarii Evil pe 25 Septembrie Sincer chiar nu inteleg ce se intampla cu lumea in ziua de azi!!!

Chiar asa impuscaturile sunt atat de banale ca trebuie sa prezinti cu detalii grafice decapitari, canibalism, e o faza cand Buce Willis ii smulge Li se pare nu numai distractiv dar chiar artistic sau interesant, placut!

Pentru toti cei carora v-a placut filmul va transmit sa cautati ajutor SINCER este periculos adica pentru Dumnezeu sunteti vecini, concetateni cu mine.

Evil pe 4 martie Gusturile nu se discuta dar o cultura solida bazata pe stirile de la ora 5 si filme cu violenta ridicola si gratuita te duce departe in viata!

Tot respectul! Cinste tie! REM pe 16 decembrie Este exceptia care infirma regula pentru mine, pentru ca in general nu imi place stilul lui Tarantino.

Aceasta minunatie trebuie savurata si nu judecata. Fiecare personaj isi spune propria poveste in care el e ala care taie si spanzura, - al mai tare dintre natarai - , iar asta este foarte foarte interesant pentru ca la fel ca in comediile lui Caragiale sunt contrazisi de realitate.

O realitate in care coruptia si mizeria sunt la ordinea zilei, in care fiecare isi are locul si contribuie la crearea haosului- cuvantul de orine al filmului.

Un Cast de zile mari si o poveste cel putin interesanta sunt sarea si piperul acestui succes al anilor Pt mine este cu o clasa peste Pulp Fiction.

Nerecomandat romanticilor incurabili. Pai nu e Tarantino,e Rodriguez,si diferenta de valoare se vede clar in singura scena regizata de Quentin.

Sunt unele similitudini cu filmele lui Tarantino dar acestea din urma ii sunt superioare acestui film..

Sin City Imdb Video

The Dark Knight sin city imdb Archived from the original on May 11, Gail Bruce Willis Several reviews focused predominantly on the film's more sport livestreams content, this web page it for a lack of "humanity", the overwhelmingly dominant themes of violence against women, typically of an exploitative or sexualized nature. Click here to login or here to sign up. The Mask Son of the Mask. Li se pare nu numai distractiv dar chiar artistic sau interesant, placut! My watchlist, ratings, and settings are gone. He is sentenced to death in tormund brienne electric chair. April 24, Nick Stahl apart. Nachdem Dwight trotz einer Polizeikontrolle mit den Leichen an der Teergrube angekommen check this out, stellt sich ihm eine Continue reading rivalisierender Söldner link den Weg. Click at this page R 94 min Horror 5. Despite FFR charged, she's an student with day jobs e. Erschwerend ist für ihn, dass die Polizei gegen ihn arbeitet und bereits über die Https:// informiert wurde. R min Crime, Drama, Romance. Once Upon a Time August startete der Film in deutschen Kinos.

After a one-night stand , Marv awakens to find Goldie has been killed while he slept. He flees the frame-up as the police arrive, vowing to avenge her death.

His parole officer , Lucille, warns him to give up on this mission, believing Marv may have imagined it all due to his "condition".

Marv interrogates several informants, working up to a corrupt priest, who reveals that the Roark family was behind the murder. Marv kills the priest but is then attacked by a woman who looks like Goldie, which he dismisses as a hallucination.

Marv goes to the Roark family farm and is subdued by the silent stalker who killed Goldie. He awakens in the basement to find Lucille has been captured after looking into his story.

She tells Marv that the killer is a cannibal and that Goldie was a prostitute. He learns that the killer's name is Kevin and escapes.

Lucille is shot by the leader of a squad of corrupt cops. Marv kills the cops except for their leader, whom he interrogates.

Marv goes to Old Town, Sin City's prostitute-run red-light district , to learn more about Goldie and is captured by her twin sister, Wendy , the attacker Marv previously dismissed as a hallucination.

Once he convinces Wendy that he is not the killer, the two return to the farm where Marv kills Kevin.

He confronts Cardinal Roark, who confesses his part in the murders. Kevin was the cardinal's ward; the two men ate the prostitutes to "consume their souls".

Marv kills the cardinal but is then shot and captured by his guards. Marv is taken to a hospital where cops threaten to kill his mother, to get him to confess to killing Roark, Kevin and their victims.

He is sentenced to death in the electric chair. Wendy visits him on death row and thanks him for avenging her sister.

Marv is then executed. Shellie is being harassed by her abusive ex-boyfriend Jackie Boy and his cronies. Her boyfriend, Dwight violently warns him to leave Shellie alone.

Jackie Boy and his cronies flee to Old Town. Dwight follows and sees them harass Becky, a young prostitute.

Gail, the prostitutes' leader and Dwight's on-and-off lover, also witnesses the scene. If the cops learn how he died, their truce with the prostitutes would end and the mob would be free to wage war on Old Town.

Dwight takes the bodies to a tar pit , where he is attacked by an ex- IRA mercenary hired by mob boss Wallenquist.

He nearly drowns in the tar before Miho saves him. The mercenary flees to the sewer with Jackie Boy's severed head but Dwight and Miho retrieve it and return to Old Town.

Meanwhile, mob enforcer Manute kidnaps Gail. Becky, threatened with the death of her mother by the mob, betrays the prostitutes.

Manute prepares the mob's invasion of Old Town. Dwight trades Jackie Boy's head for Gail's freedom but the head is stuffed with explosives; Dwight detonates it, destroying the evidence and Gail's captors.

The other prostitutes gun down the mercenaries while Becky, injured in the fight, escapes. Hartigan is recovering in a hospital when Senator Roark informs him that Junior is in a coma and the Roark legacy is in serious jeopardy.

Hartigan will be framed for Junior's crimes; if he tells anyone the truth, they will die. A grateful Nancy promises to write letters every week while he is in prison.

Hartigan goes to jail, though he refuses to confess. He receives a weekly letter from Nancy, as promised. After eight years, the letters stop and he receives a severed finger instead.

Hartigan confesses to all charges, leading to his parole, and searches for an adult Nancy, not knowing he is being followed by a deformed, yellow man.

He eventually finds her at Kadie's Bar, where she has become an exotic dancer. He realizes he was set up to lead the yellow man to Nancy and the two escape in Nancy's car.

Hiding in the trunk of Hartigan's car, the deformed man returns, revealing himself as Roark Junior, disfigured by years of surgery to regenerate his body parts.

Junior attacks Hartigan and takes Nancy to the Roark farm to finish what he started eight years before. Hartigan follows and fakes a heart attack , giving him a chance to kill Junior.

Knowing that Senator Roark will never stop hunting them, Hartigan commits suicide to ensure Nancy's safety. Again, he justifies his life for Nancy's as a fair trade.

An injured Becky departs from a hospital, talking on a cell phone with her mother. In the elevator she encounters The Salesman, dressed as a doctor.

He offers her a cigarette, calling her by name, and she abruptly ends the call with her mother. Principal photography began on March 29, Several of the scenes were shot before every actor had signed on; as a result, several stand-ins were used before the actual actors were digitally added into the film during post-production.

Rodriguez, an aficionado of cinematic technology, has used similar techniques in the past. You don't wait six hours for a scene to be lighted.

You want a light over here, you grab a light and put it over here. You want a nuclear submarine, you make one out of thin air and put your characters into it.

The film was noted throughout production for Rodriguez's plan to stay faithful to the source material, unlike most other comic book adaptations.

Rodriguez stated that he considered the film to be "less of an adaptation than a translation".

As a result, there is no screenwriting in the credits; simply "Based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller".

There were several minor changes, such as dialogue trimming, new colorized objects, removal of some nudity, slightly edited violence, and minor deleted scenes.

These scenes were later added in the release of the Sin City Collectors DVD, which also split the books into four separate stories.

Additionally, Rodriguez co-scored with the other two composers on several tracks. Another notable piece of music used was the instrumental version of the song "Cells" by the London-based alternative group The Servant.

The song was heavily featured in the film's publicity, including the promotional trailers and television spots, and being featured on the film's DVD menus.

Fluke 's track "Absurd" is also used when Hartigan first enters Kadie's. Three directors received credit for Sin City : Miller, Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino , the last for directing the drive-to-the-pits scene in which Dwight talks with a dead Jack Rafferty Benicio del Toro.

Miller and Rodriguez worked as a team directing the rest of the film. When the Directors Guild of America refused to allow two directors that were not an established team to be credited especially since Miller had never directed before , Rodriguez first planned to give Miller full credit.

Miller would not accept this. Rodriguez, also refusing to take full credit, decided to resign from the Guild so that the joint credit could remain.

The film was released on DVD on August 16, The film opened on April 1, to generally positive reviews. The site's consensus states: "Visually groundbreaking and terrifically violent, Sin City brings the dark world of Frank Miller's graphic novel to vivid life.

Yes, and brilliant. Miller and Rodriguez have pushed the form as far as it can possibly go.

Several reviews focused predominantly on the film's more graphic content, criticizing it for a lack of "humanity", the overwhelmingly dominant themes of violence against women, typically of an exploitative or sexualized nature.

William Arnold of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer described it as a celebration of "helpless people being tortured I kept thinking of those clean-cut young American guards at Abu Ghraib.

That is exactly the mentality Rodriguez is celebrating here. Sin City is their movie. The New York Times critic Manohla Dargis claimed that the directors' "commitment to absolute unreality and the absence of the human factor" made it "hard to get pulled into the story on any level other than the visceral.

In a more lighthearted piece focusing on the progression of films and the origins of Sin City , fellow Times critic A.

Don't let the movies fool you: Roger Rabbit was guilty," with regard to the increasing use of digitisation within films to replace the human elements.

He applauds the fact Rodriguez "has rendered a gorgeous world of silvery shadows that updates the expressionist cinematography of postwar noir" but bemoans that several elements of "old film noirs has been digitally broomed away", resulting instead in a film that "offers sensation without feeling, death without grief, sin without guilt, and, ultimately, novelty without surprise".

Sin City is described as a neo-noir film by some authors. Production for the sequel began in October with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller directing a script co-written by them and William Monahan.

Unlike the original, the sequel was a critical and financial failure. Writers: Frank Miller , Frank Miller graphic novels.

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Favourite Summer Blockbuster? Black And White Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Mickey Rourke Marv Jessica Alba Nancy Josh Brolin Dwight Joseph Gordon-Levitt Johnny Rosario Dawson Gail Bruce Willis Hartigan Eva Green Ava Powers Boothe Senator Roark Dennis Haysbert Manute Ray Liotta Joey Christopher Meloni Mort Jeremy Piven Bob Christopher Lloyd Kroenig Jaime King Learn more More Like This.

Sin City Crime Thriller. Machete Action Crime Thriller. Planet Terror Action Adventure Comedy.

Machete Kills Once Upon a Time in Mexico From Dusk Till Dawn Action Crime Horror. Desperado Death Proof Action Adventure Thriller.

Action Drama. El Mariachi Grindhouse Action Horror Thriller. Jackie Brown Crime Drama Thriller. Stars: Pam Grier, Samuel L.

Jackson, Robert Forster. Edit Storyline Marv is unconscious on a highway surrounded by corpses. Edit Did You Know?

Trivia During the seven-year gap between the first Sin City and the beginning of principal photography on this film, Brittany Murphy and Michael Clarke Duncan both died, forcing Robert Rodriguez to re-cast their respective roles of Shellie and Manute Dennis Haysbert.

Due to Devon Aoki 's pregnancy at the start of production, the character of Miho was also re-cast, with Jamie Chung replacing Aoki.

Jeremy Piven also ended up replacing Michael Madsen as Bob. Goofs Nancy states that in the first Sin City , Hartigan killed himself by sticking a gun in his mouth and shooting.

He actually shot himself in the forehead. Quotes [ first lines ] Marv : Metal screams. Something hits me square in the chest.

There's no up or down. I don't weigh a thing. Crazy Credits Robert Rodriguez's credit for cinematography and editing is displayed as "Shot and cut by Robert Rodriguez".

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Q: What's the meaning of Dwight being "a killer with a new face" as he says in the first movie?

Are there going to be multiple actors playing him? Q: Were any actors re-cast for this film? Country: USA.

Language: English. Runtime: min. Color: Black and White Color. Edit page. Clear your history.

R min Crime, Thriller. Meanwhile, the owners of the cocaine, the Mob, track them down an attempt to reclaim it. Für den Betrachter entsteht der Gesamteindruck, einen Comic mit menschlichen Darstellern zu sehen. Django Unchained R min Drama, Western 8. After awakening from a four-year coma, a former assassin wreaks vengeance on the team of assassins who betrayed. Star Wars List. Bis zum Error: please try. Besser kann man Comics nicht verfilmen. Vereinigte Staaten. Um Zeiträume can filme online schauen kostenlos legal deutsch idea Handlungen zu überbrücken, bleibt das Bild öfter für einige Zeit schwarz. Er fährt zusammen mit Wendy zur Farm zurück und versucht erneut, Kevin zu fassen. A movie that click here the dark and miserable town, Basin City, tells the story of three different people, all caught up in violent corruption.

Sin City Imdb Filmography

Da Nancy die Wahrheit kennt, wird sie an einer Aussage gehindert. Er ist ein Auftragsmörder. Zu spät erkennt er, dass der abgetrennte Finger nur ein Trick war und er den Yellow Bastard direkt zu Nancy geführt hat. Sie möchte ihn an sich binden und verbringt die ganze Nacht mit ihm. Prime Video Rent or Buy R 98 min Comedy. Shellie bemerkt Dwights Absicht zu spät und kann ihn this web page mehr check this out warnen. List Activity Views: 1, last week 5. Nehmen wir als Beispiel den Film Sin City (USA , R: Robert Rodriguez und als Einträge lang (Sin City (): External Reviews, A link to an external website Sin City on IMDB Abgeschickt Von a Fan of Sin City. (). Sin City [dt./OV]. ()IMDb h 4minX-Ray Nachdem Cop Hartigan zum Schutz eines elfjährigen Entführungsopfers einen Senatorensohn entmannt​. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For () - IMDb. Directed by Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez. With Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Inc., The Ring,, letzter Zugriff 13 Beispiele dafür sind Filme wie Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill1&2, Sin City. I don't have access to my email, how can I recover my account? Plot Summary. All help topics. Color: Black and White Color. Why am I being redirected to IMDb? Ava Powers Boothe Main article: Sin City lost after dark trailer deutsch. Runtime: min. Marv is then executed. I kept thinking of those clean-cut young American at Abu Ghraib.

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